Cycling in the Lake Balaton area

Cycling beside Lake Balaton is fantastic. I come Spring, Summer and Autumn to cycle the endless and breathtakingly beautiful Lake Balaton. No crowds; just miles and miles of cycling paths, with plenty of stops en route for drinks, ice-cream, langos and other Hungarian specialities. I highly recommend it.
Faira Ellks from London

Cycling: exercise for all ages

Apart from when there's snow on the ground, cycling along the quiet side roads and cycle paths beside Lake Balaton is relaxing, peaceful and enjoyable. It is exercise without stress. It is an exercise that all ages can do together, in the open air amidst beautiful scenery. Rides can be as long as you want them to be, just a few kms. or a mighty ride of over 200 kms. all the way around the lake.

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  1. Cycle route: Balatonboglár » Balatonberény » Balatonboglár

  2. Cycle route: Balatonboglár » Balatonföldvár » Balatonboglár

  3. Cycle route: Balatonboglár » Balatonfüred » Balatonboglár

  4. Cycle route: Balatonboglár » Keszthely » Tihany » Szántód » Balatonboglár

  5. Cycle route: Balatonboglár » Kishegy » Balatonlelle » Balatonboglár

  6. Cycle route: Balatonboglár » Rádpuszta Csárda » Balatonboglár

  7. Cycle route: Balatonboglár » Balatonföldvár » Siófok » Balatonkenese » Balatonfüred » Tihany » Balatonboglár

  8. Cycle route: Balatonboglár » Szántód » Tihany » Szántód » Balatonboglár

  9. Cycle route: Balatonboglár » Badacsony » Ferry » Fonyód » Balatonboglár

  10. Cycle route: Balatonboglár » Látrány » Visz » Karád » Andocs » Balatonföldvár » Balatonboglár

Balaton cycle route info

  • The cycle route around Lake Balaton is over 200 kms long.
  • The route consists of dedicated cycle paths and quiet side roads.
  • The route on the Southern and Western parts of the lake is fairly flat.
  • The route on the Northern and Eastern parts of the lake is fairly hilly.
  • Wherever marked cycle routes exist, cyclists should use the cycle routes in preference to main roads.
  • Everyone is expected to be self sufficient; everyone should carry a pump, a puncture outfit and in the event of a puncture, have the ability to mend a puncture, or to look helpless enough to get someone to fix it for you. Alternatively, take at least one spare inner tube.
  • The Balaton cycle route may have lots of cycle traffic in the Summer and on sunny weekends; at most other times, the cycle route is quiet.

To plan your cycle routes around Lake Balaton:

To look at details of printed maps of cycle routes:

Bicycle hire in Balatonboglár

Bicycles may be hired at Frédo Tourist.

Bicycle hire in Balatonlelle

Bicycles, carriers, trailers, gloves, etc can be bought or hired from our partners at the Szabó György Bike Shop.


Balaton Bike Marathon 2015
(Tour de Pelso)

The annual 204 km. bike marathon around Lake Balaton took place this year on 6th June.

Time allowed to complete the marathon is 10 hours.

For the fastest cyclists, it is a race but for the vast majority of competitors, the Balaton Marathon is exactly that, a marathon not a race. Most competitors only attempt to cycle all the way around the Balaton once a year, on the day of the marathon, so just getting all the way around in under 10 hours is a major feat in itself.

This year, in temperatures of over 30 degrees and at one point 35 degrees in the shade, it was tough going. Lots of peopler suffered with the heat, lots dropped out and some like me, cut the marathon short and came over on the ferry from Tihany and then cycled back to Siofok to meet the brave that completed the 204 kms. (My bike speedo showed 168 kms completed).

When the going gets tough, the tough get ....

Our secret weapon, Stefano Dall'Aglio of Saddledrunk racing team came over from London to stay with us and to boost the Peugeot Maté team's results and completed the 204 course in 5 hours 57 minutes.

Stefano Dall'Aglio Stefano Dall'Aglio

Stefano Dall'Aglio

Read Stefano Dall'Aglio's blog describing his visit and his Balaton Marathon 2015

Laszlo Lipot and Laszlo Sztecovics

Getting ready for the 2014 Tour de Pelso, Balaton Marathon.

The 2013 marathon completed; the first pint was drunk faster than the photo could be taken!

Balaton Bike Marathon; Laszlo Lipot and Laszlo Sztecovics

László Sztecovics on left, László Lipót on right.

For further information and registration next year, please click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser: